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How do I apply to be a Mystery Guest?

We are seeking individuals who are age 30 and up who are comfortable opening up and sharing about their life experience - the good, the bad and the ugly. In order to be considered, (a) Sarah cannot know your birthday and (b) you must know your birth information including your EXACT time of birth as documented on your birth certificate. Please don’t guesstimate or rely on your parents’ memory.

To apply to be a Mystery Guest on AstroDetectives, please email Scott Randall at and  provide us the following birth information:

  • Date of Birth

  • Location of Birth

  • EXACT time of Birth - this one is really important! You’ll need to double check your birth certificate for accuracy. Please do not guesstimate or rely on your parents’ memory!

How do I apply to be a Guest Astrologer?

We are seeking professional astrologers with 3+ years experience, who would like to participate on an episode of AstroDetectives. Experience with Tropical Western astrology is preferred. Please contact for consideration.

How is the 'Red Herring' chart created?

The Red Herring chart will mimic the birth time and location of the Mystery Guest‘s chart. To select a birthdate, Scott uses a random date picker application that will choose a date 1-2 years before or after the Mystery Guest’s birthdate. Additional modifications will be made manually to ensure that the Sun, Moon and Rising zodiac signs in the Mystery Guest’s chart are not repeated in the Sun, Moon and Rising signs of the Red Herring’s chart. 



Why is the birth data missing from the Case Files?

Astrologers participating in the episode receive the complete birth data, however, all birth data is removed from the charts that we post publicly online for listeners in an effort to protect the personal data of our guests. If more guests are open to providing this data in the future, we will consider making it available on future episodes. But as for now, most guests have declined to post it publicly.

What is the goal Team Astrology is trying to meet?

Team Skeptic has challenged Team Astrology to meet or exceed 80% accuracy with matching the birth chart to the Mystery Guest. If that can be accomplished, Team Skeptic will concede that there must be a correspondence between the movement of the planets and earthly events.

If Team Astrology fails to meet 80% accuracy, is astrology debunked?

According to Scott, yes.

According to Sarah, no because astrology is already a valid phenomenon that exists regardless, and this experiment can only ever test the abilities of an astrologer, not the entirety of astrology itself.

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