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AstroDetectives podcast is an experiment designed to put astrology to the test! Each week, skeptic Scott gives resident astrologer Sarah two natal charts: one belonging to the Mystery Guest and the other...  a red herring. With help from her underground network of AstroDetectives, can Sarah and the astrologers use the stars to crack the case?

Tune in to find out if we will debunk or prove astrology!


Meet Scott Randall, host of the AstroDetectives podcast and hard-boiled skeptic. A Virgo Rising with an impressive Aquarius stellium, makes him one tough nut to crack. His mission? To separate fact from fiction in the realm of this so-called “phenomenon” known as astrology, by putting it to the test.

Scott’s fellow co-host, Sarah Hartshorne, claims astrology is real. She insists that a birth chart is a blueprint describing a person’s character, and can even foretell their destiny. But Scott ain’t buyin’ what she’s sellin’.

Follow Scott on his mission as he navigates the rain-soaked streets and dark alleyways of the horoscope. Caught in a web of hard aspects and retrogrades — and whatever the hell a north node is. Will he expose astrology as mere smoke and mirrors? Or will he uncover a cosmic conspiracy, in a shocking plot twist that would shake the very foundation of his beliefs? Stay tuned, detectives…

Meet Sarah Hartshorne, gumshoe astrologer and co-host of the AstroDetectives Podcast. An unassuming Virgo intrigued by all the mysteries of the universe, but especially the phenomenon of astrology. With unwavering conviction, she attests astrology is real.

Her challenge? Use the stars to detect the correct birth chart of each Mystery Guest with 80% accuracy, and turn her skeptical co-host Scott, into a believer.

Despite her newcomer status — and the crushing weight of the cosmos on her shoulders — Sarah is up for the challenge. Because beyond her cool, Aquarius Rising exterior, lies a femme fatale with a sleuthing Scorpio Moon, a packed eighth house and a relentless Mars square Pluto. And with a little help from her underground network of AstroDetectives, Sarah has her sights set on victory.

Follow Sarah as she navigates the shadowy streets of the horoscope, encounters red herrings and unravels the mysteries of the zodiac. Can this rookie astrologer actually prove astrology is real? Stay tuned, detectives…


Meet the Hosts



The Astrologer

Sarah Hartshorne has been fascinated with astrology for most of her life. But only in recent years, she discovered it was her calling and began... [Read More]



The Skeptic

Scott Randall has hosted and produced podcasts with topics ranging from reality television to politics and mental health. He currently co-hosts ... [Read More]

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