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AstroDetectives podcast is an experiment designed to put astrology to the test!

Each week, skeptic Scott gives resident astrologer Sarah two birth charts:

one belonging to the Mystery Guest and the other - a red herring.

Can Sarah use the stars to detect which chart is REAL?

Interrogation! Debate! Rising Signs!

Tune in each week to find out if we will debunk or prove astrology!




An astrologer and a skeptic walk into a podcast...

Astrology, is it real or just superstition? Since ancient times, astrologers have tracked the movements of the great celestial bodies in the sky, believing that their precise configuration at an individual's birth can reveal a cosmic blueprint known as a natal chart. Astrologers believe that a natal chart can actually foretell a person's unique personality, relationships, life experiences and even destiny. But for as long as there have been believers, there have been skeptics who challenge the plausibility of astrology and claim it's just a "scam" or "confirmation bias." 


Join long-time friends, Scott and Sarah, as they embark on a journey to uncover the truth about astrology and finally put this age-old debate to rest. Each episode, Scott Randall, our open-minded yet decidedly skeptic host, will put resident astrologer, Sarah Hartshorne, to the test. She will be presented with two natal charts. One chart depicts the heavens at the precise moment of our guest’s birth - the other, from a different moment in time.


The guest will be thoroughly questioned by the “detectives” about all aspects of their life. Then, through the mystifying powers of astrology, Sarah will attempt to match the correct chart to our guest.


Tune in and follow along to see if the ancient phenomenon of astrology can finally be proven - or debunked.




The Astrologer

Sarah Hartshorne has been fascinated with astrology for most of her life. But only in recent years, she discovered it was her calling and began... [Read More]



The Skeptic

Scott Randall has hosted and produced podcasts with topics ranging from reality television to politics and mental health. He currently co-hosts ... [Read More]

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