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Meet the Hosts

Sarah Hartshorne

The Astrologer

Sarah Hartshorne has been fascinated with astrology for most of her life. But only in recent years, she discovered it was her calling and began pursuing professional training in Modern & Traditional Hellenistic Astrology, as well as the adjacent self-knowledge system called Human Design.

Today, Sarah uses her knowledge of chart analysis to help individuals in need of guidance, offering them custom-tailored advice based on their unique cosmic blueprint. Find out more about Sarah and her coaching services at

When she's not nerding out on the stars, the Dallas native enjoys live comedy, photography, cooking, connecting with friends, and paranormal podcasts.

Astro Stats

Virgo Sun        Scorpio Moon      AC  Aquarius Rising


Human design

5/1 Emotional Projector 

sarah's charts

Natal Chart           Human Design Chart


Scott Randall

The Skeptic

Scott Randall has hosted and produced podcasts with topics ranging from reality television to politics and mental health. He currently co-hosts The Scott & Karl Show, discussing politics and pop culture from across red and blue state lines. 


Based in Los Angeles, Scott enjoys the art of storytelling, playing guitar, music production, political discussion, and social & environmental activism.

Other podcasts featuring Scott:

The Scott & Karl Show

Telling Mental Health

Girl Talk with Scott

Broses Before Roses

Astro Stats

Aquarius Sun        Leo Moon      AC  Virgo Rising



5/2 Splenic Manifestor 


Natal Chart           Human Design Chart

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